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    Cooperation Poliński AMT with Atlas Copco

    Our knowledge is our strength
    The source of our strength are our knowledge, experience and readiness to meet all your expectations in the area of appropriate selection and delivery anywhere in the world – air compressors, air blowers, replacement and wearable parts manufactured by Atlas Copco.

    History overview


    Polinski AMT was founded

    We started to grow selling parts to a pneumatics system in trucks. With time we have moved into industrial pneumatic systems.


    AMT Polinski went into air processing and vacuum systems

    Gained experience and business contacts resulted in the broadening of our business scope.


    We became authorized Atlas Copco distributor

    We offer genuine Atlas Copco parts

    ● ball berings ● basic module ● blower element ● bushing ● combi cooler ● compressor elements ● cooler ● electric motor ● elektronikon fan assembly ● filter element ● filter kit ● heating element ● hose ● hose assembly ● hoses isolator – vibration ● oil cooler ● oil filter ● oil free skrew ● o-ring ● pipe ● plain nasher ● programing elektronikon ● service clamp ● service stage ● solenoid kit ● solenoid valve ● spring ● temperature sensor ● thermostatic valve ● unloading valve/ blow off valve ● valves assembly


    In our offer you can also find Atlas Copco air compressors and blowers,

    including air compressors refurbished by Atlas Copco in very good prices

    We have in our offer air compressors Atlas Copco

    In our offer you will find air screw compressor, air piston compressors, mobile air compressor

    Atlas Copco's best-selling compressors.

    We present a shortened specification of the most-bought compressors. We can offer you all the equipment you need at a favorable price.

    Air piston compressor

    Automan, LE/LT,
    LS, LP

    Air screw compressor

    GA, GA+, GA VSD, GA VSD+

    Portable compressor

    E-Air VSD, XAS, XAHS, XATS, stage V

    Our strength

    Thanks to cooperation with us, you can gain full support in the field of Atlas Copco products.

    New Technology and Best Quality

    We are passionate about new technologies as they make our work and everyday life easier. Smart, durable solutions allow us to save money and priceless time. Simply – they are investments that pay off big. We encourage you to look to the future.

    We are proud to offer our customers only solutions and products from renowned manufacturers and of recognized quality. All parts that are in our offer are genuine and manufactured in accordance with European standards.

    Worlwide Coverage and Our Care

    There are no borders for our business. We cooperate with companies from around the world. In each of our working days we prepare for a dispatch parcels to be delivered to our clients on almost all continents.

    We provide our clients with professional technical advisory in terms of selecting solutions, equipment and parts. Contact us if you have needs in this field and we will do our best to prepare an interesting quotation that will meet the technical requirements and will be at a good price.

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    Client Trust

    Find out more about ATLAS COPCO

    In our posts you will find information about ATLAS COPCO products.
    We will also show you what you can gain from our products , and what problems you can encounter.

    List Atlas Copco parts

    Here is a list of parts that we have already delivered to our customers. We invite you to cooperation.

    Screw air compressors

    Screw air compressors GA, GA+, GA VSD, GA VSD+. See the benefits of these compressors.

    Mobile air compressors

    Have you ever used a mobile compressor? See how many applications it can be used in.

    LUTOS Blower parts

    Do You Have Any Questions?

    We will answer all your questions about Atlas Copco:

    Air screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, oil inject or oil-free compressors, and parts for air compressors

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