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Oil-sealed vacuum pumps Oil-sealed screw pumps with VSD technology: Series GHS and GHS VSD+ Oil-sealed rotary vane pumps: GVS VSD+ Oil-sealed rotary piston pumps: GLS Small Vacuum Systems with oil-sealed vane pumps: GVC Range Dry vacuum pumps Dry claw vacuum pumps: DZS and DZS VSD+ Dry multi-claw vacuum pumps: DZM 600-1200 VSD⁺ Mechanical Booster Pumps: […]

Air drayer, filter and separators of Atlas Copco

Air Drayers DESICCANT AIR DRYERS CD Series (Heatless desiccant dryers): CD 360, CD 480, CD 630, CD 970, CD 1260, CD 1600 AD Series (Heated purge desiccant dryers): AD 360, AD 480, AD 630, AD 970, AD 1260, AD 1600 BD Series (Heated blower purge desiccant dryers): BD 360, BD 480, BD 630, BD 970, […]


We sell original ATLAS COPCO parts. Our offer includes ready-made service and repair kits that guarantee lower prices in the set. Advantages of genuine parts: Advantages of genuine parts: Longer service life Perfect quality reliability and efficiency energy saving and cost minimization

Piston Compressors

OIL-LUBRICATED Compressors AUTOMAN SeriesSeries AF: AF30E24, AF25E90, AF30E2x11, AF25E10, AF25E24, AF25E50, AF25E6Series AC: AC 21 E, AC 31 E, AC 40 E, AC 55 E, AC 75 E, AC 100 E, AC 40 T, AC 55 T, AC 75 T, AC 100 TSeries AC Petrol & diesel: AC 41E100 Petrol, AC 56E50 Petrol, AC 56E100 […]

LUTOS Blower parts

Click to submit a request for Lutos LUTOS has three packaged ranges, DT, BAH and DT-V based on the lobe blowers. For specialist applications, such as truck installation, DI blower elements are also supplied.Bespoke blowers are designed based on standard blower packages but vary, for example, in main materials, way of sealing, connection, or the direction of air flow […]

Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Series GX: GX2 EP, GX3 EP, GX4 EP, GX5 EP, GX7 EP, Series G: G7, G11, G15,G15L, G18, G22,G 110, G132, G 160, G200, G250, G160VSD Series GA and GA+: GA5, GA7, GA11, GA15, GA18, GA22, GA26,GA 30, GA 37, GA 45, GA 55, GA 75, GA 90GA 90, GA 110, GA 132, GA 160, […]

Mobile air compressors

The XAS 110 small air compressor Click to submit a request for mobile compressors The XAS 110 is the result of over a decade of continuous development. This compressor is perfect for single tool applications (or two if the new RTEX breaker is used) and for sites with difficult access and terrain. This model is […]

List parts Atlas Copco

Nazwa Nr katalogowy Dostawca ELECTRONIC WATER DRAIN 8102043620 ELEKTRONICZNY SPUST WODY 8102043620 8102043620 ATLAS COPCO ELECTRONIC WATER DRAIN 8102043505 ELEKTRONICZNY SPUST WODY 8102043505 8102043505 ATLAS COPCO AIR COMPRESSOR ATLAS COPCO GA18+P A 10 8152700665 Sprężarka śrubowa Atlas Copco GA18+P A 10 8152700665 8152700665 ATLAS COPCO AIR COMPRESSOR ATLAS COPCO GX2 10 200l TM 8152101104 Sprężarka śrubowa Atlas Copco GX2 […]

Dmuchawy LUTOS

Dmuchawy powietrzaKompleksowa oferta całkowicie bezolejowych dmuchaw powietrza pracujących w zakresie ciśnienia od 0 do 1,5 bar(e)/ 25 psig. Niezależnie od potrzeb w zakresie niskiego ciśnienia, nasi konsultanci ds. energii zawsze zaproponują najlepsze rozwiązanie. DT LUTOSMocna budowa dmuchaw DT Roots’a firmy LUTOS umożliwia pracę przy wysokich parametrach urządzenia.Główne cechy:– transport gazów pod niskim ciśnieniem– stopień sprężający LUTOS DI– możliwość wyposażenia w […]

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