LUTOS Blower parts

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LUTOS has three packaged ranges, DT, BAH and DT-V based on the lobe blowers. For specialist applications, such as truck installation, DI blower elements are also supplied.
Bespoke blowers are designed based on standard blower packages but vary, for example, in main materials, way of sealing, connection, or the direction of air flow to meet specific customer requirements.

DI lobe blowers are used for special applications. DI elements can be used as a truck blower or a stand alone element driven by an existing engine.

The BAH range has a unique design with flow performance up to 650 m3/h, this LUTOS design was awarded with a Gold Medal at the International Engineering Fair in Brno.

BAH has the following advantages:
– Minimum space requirements
– Excellent Price to performance ratio
– Air inlet at the ambient temperature, even if using a sound enclosure
– Sound enclosure without an extra fan 

DT Blowers
Is the most popular LUTOS blower package, including complete accessories already in the basic price:

– DI blower with three-lobe rotors
– Supporting frame with outlet silencer
– Silencer and air filter
– Belt drive, including belt guard if the package is not assembled with sound enclosure
– Safety valve
– Start-up on bigger sizes
– Check valve
– Compensator
– Filter clogging Indicator
– Pressure gauge

The blowers for vacuum to minus 500mbar are based on the DT blower packages. The blower is additionally equipped with a vacuum valve which protects the blower from overloading. These blower can be used in vacuum pneumatic transport, paper and printing industries, agriculture, industrial vacuum cleaners, etc.

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LUTOS Blower parts
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