Mobile air compressors

The XAS 110 small air compressor

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The XAS 110 is the result of over a decade of continuous development. This compressor is perfect for single tool applications (or two if the new RTEX breaker is used) and for sites with difficult access and terrain. This model is part of our legendary 8 Series range. The models in the 8 Series have three key things in common:

  • Lightweight: Always below 1650 Lbs. A footprint at least 10% more compact than any other option.
  • Service: Simplicity, speed and long service intervals. 
  • Built better: More features as standard. Breaking new ground when it comes to efficiency 

Versatility range with PACE technology

Optimize your fleet investment, improve utilization and get a higher return on investment. If you are using multiple machines to cover flow demands between 340-440 cfm and pressure ranges from 100-200 psi, then now is the time to stop.

The XAS 1150 and XAS 1800, both with Tier 4 Final engines

Each of these air compressors offer you the versatility of at least three machines inside one package. With variable flow and pressure settings as standard, the XAS1150 truly is the most versatile machine in its class. The variable flow and pressure allows for operation in a wider range of applications. Increasing the versatility creates a machine that is ready for a wider range of applications, in turn increasing your return on investment.

Electric compressor E-Air T900

The E-Air T900 electric portable compressor is our latest innovation in compressed air. A combination of smart engineering, time tested technology and quality components all add up to a solution with extreme versatility, which is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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E-Air H185 VSD, E-Air H250 VSD, E-Air H450 VSD, E-Air V1100 VSD
E-Air T400, E-Air T500, E-Air T900

XAS 38, XAS 48, XAHS 38, XAS 58, XAS 68, XAS 78, XAS 88, XAS 48 G, XAS 68 G, XAS 88 G, XATS 138, XAHS 108

Mobile air compressors
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