Mobile diesel generator QAS 5

Mobile diesel generator QAS 5 Atlas Copco

Developed in response to today’s operational challenges, the new QAS 5 models offer end users in the
construction, events and utilities industries quieter operation, smaller footprints, reduced emissions,
faster plug-and-play paralleling
, enhanced fuel economy, 24hrs autonomy with integrated fuel tank,
and lowest total cost of ownership. As a consequence, the QAS 5 range helps customers to improve
their fleet utilisation and return on investment.
Excessive noise generated by portable energy equipment is becoming increasingly unacceptable in urban environments and industrial work areas. For this reason, QAS 5 generators deliver a significant reduction in operating noise levels, and are to being on average 5-8 db(A) quieter than comparable generators. The units’ super-silent performance is delivered through a combination of technologies, including advanced variable – speed drive (VSD) air cooling, isolated compartment for the power pack and extra noise attenuation solutions like special silencers and technical foams.

5 Advantage QAS 5

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Mobile diesel generator QAS 5
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